How to Begin

  1. You’re about to get a text from Blue, a digital personality we created to be your personal Glow Guide 💫 (it may take up to 20 min, so ty for your patience)

  2. Add Blue as a contact

  3. Text Blue back ‘#heyblue’

  4. You’ll get access to the texting guide and see all the ways Blue can help you!

We’re SO excited to help you Glow 💙

✨ Bonus ✨

  • Wanna make Blue Fever better? Rate any message from Blue with a 👍 or 👎 so we’ll learn what vids/tips are best!

  • Texting Blue makes Blue better for you AND everyone! Text #GlowCircle to learn more 💫

  • Also, just FYI... the stuff you share with us is only used to make Blue Fever better for our community. There’s absolutely NO selling or sharing it 🙅 To learn more check out our privacy policy / terms of service.

If it’s been 20 minutes and you still don’t have a text from Blue, contact us here.