Episode 1


dark comedy, ex-best friends, identity, series



By Monica Hewes + Diana Gettinger

Who knew the tragedy of losing your best friend could work so well as a comedy? Written and created by (and starring!) Monica Hewes and Diana Gettinger, this series follows two women as they cope with the aftermath of a bitter best friend break-up. Awkward and endearing, “Ex-Best” explores the spectrum of female friendship.



Episode 1

Brrrrrrr cold shoulder alert!

Episode 2

Deny your ex-best toilet paper and she will make you pay.

Episode 3

When the bestie feud leaves you seeking date night fashion advice from your preteen neighbors . . .

Episode 4

She doesn’t hate dogs, she just hates bitches.

Episode 5

Some shame you just can’t escape. Literally.

Episode 6

Best friends finish each other’s sentences. Ex-bests can’t say anything to each other.

Episode 7

Just because your ex-best is high af, doesn’t mean she still can’t rescue you from a bad date.

Episode 8

Throwback to the pre-”ex” days of BFF interpretive dancing.

Episode 9

Putting a kitty sticker over your ex-bestie’s face? Way harsh!

Episode 10

So many feelings, so few friends.

Episode 11

The classic “I have another call coming in” line. Works every time.

Episode 12

Break-ups, champagne, and pregnancy tests. All the ingredients for a great office party #not

Episode 13

Leave it to the magical power of friendship to turn crying into laughing :)

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