Social Media/Community Manager

We’re looking for an experienced Social Media/Community Manager to head up Blue Fever’s social media content, community management, influencer partnerships, and to help grow the brand. Working out of our office in Marina Del Rey– this is a MUST. This position reports directly to our founder/Head of Marketing and is for someone interested in working at a startup with extreme growth.

In this role you’ll be building the Blue Fever brand and fostering our community of young women across social media and within our text message product. You will be required to be a self-starter who wears many hats and contributes to all aspects of our community cross platforms.


  • Embody the voice of Blue Fever with a consistent tone and point of view across every post, image, video, and conversation

  • Be our expert on best practices, new trends and new features across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, influencer marketing and the Internet at large

  • Constantly engaging with + listening heavily to our Gen Z users and will always have your ear to the ground for what our users want/need.

  • Feed our content into other social networks by partnering with other pages, influencers and by actively engaging in conversations online

  • Manage and build our community by consistently entering the conversation on social and within our product to understand what our current/future users are searching for that does not yet exist for them

  • Curate the look and feel of our social pages, including developing original content to support our brand voice

  • Create, schedule and analyze all social media updates, maintaining a publishing calendar that is regularly updated

  • Optimize our content and share findings as to what’s working on social and what’s not

  • Should be Familiar with Facebook Business Manager

  • Familiarity or experience with executing Facebook/Instagram advertising is a plus

  • Experiment with content, test new ideas, try new cross platforms strategies

  • Develop benchmark metrics for our social channels and a plan to improve them

  • Monitor any potential competition in our vertical but also learn from brands that are excelling in social regardless of category

  • Use social to drive audience to our text message product

  • Directly handle influencer and blogger outreach

  • Manage and delegate to a team of marketing/design interns

About Us


We’re Blue Fever! A team of 15 on a mission to help people navigate every day emotional needs with technology. We’re building an empathetic AI who messages with teens to curate the Internet, like a big sister. Google gave us topical relevance with SEO, but “Blue” recommends based on emotional needs in that moment.

Our nearly 200k users trust Blue because her messaging channel is private, she understands their needs and treats them with empathy 💙

Blue Fever is a text message-based product that will ultimately develop AI models to predict what media a user needs based on their current mood and emotions. Through our private, conversational UI, we have been able to gather unprecedented information from our users that allows us to serve them exactly the right thing, in the moment of greatest need.

We are venture-backed and a graduate from Techstars.

About You

  • 4-6 years experience in social media marketing and community management

  • Prior experience running social media channels at a brand/company level

  • In-depth knowledge of all relevant social media channels and features

  • Familiarity with and passion for the Gen Z female audience, esp an ability to talk and communicate with/like them

  • Flexible, someone who loves to learn, lead and collaborate with a team

  • A self starter who acts on curiosity, can lead projects and communicate effectively with team

  • Ability to edit video and images utilizing photoshop, premiere, canva and other tools/apps (although typically your team should be executing this)

  • Excellent writing skills for both social and external PR

  • Extensive experience using social media management tools like Hootsuite

  • Familiarity with SEO

  • Strong aptitude in using analytics tools and to use data to inform strategy while also being

    mindful of the creative side of the equation (Google Analytics is a must)

  • High EQ and empathy skills

Our Values

  • We act on our curiosity

  • We value EQ over IQ

  • When in doubt, we always go back to the user

  • Give no fucks - adapt and evolve in the direction you believe is right

  • Listen deeply, open yourself up to being vulnerable which will allow you to judge less and empower others more

  • We believe people deserve equality - regardless of gender or race or beliefs

  • We are obsessed with building something “bigger than ourselves”


You will be taking on an early role at the formative stage of one of the next great tech companies. We want your feedback, your ideas and your partnership. You’ll be working in a challenging and fun work environment and have PTO, including Blue Fever-specific holidays.

Fun fact: we believe in “mental health days” and require all employees to take 1 every quarter. Some other benefits include:

  • Stock options in the company

  • Healthcare coverage

  • Personal movie/TV show curation by the founders - this is a service users will pay for but you get it free as a BF team member

  • A business that trusts and embraces technology

As we grow, we’ll add to our benefits, and you’ll be involved in those conversations.

Blue Fever, Inc. does not discriminate in employment matters on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, military service eligibility, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other protected class. If you have a disability, we're more than happy to accommodate and make the interview process better for you.

For more information contact:

Katherine Pisano