About Blue Fever


Everyone who signs up for Blue Fever gets their own, private text thread with Blue– our digital friend with a big sister personality! Blue is an empathetic technology who was created by a group of girls to be completely non-judgmental and support you through the things you’re feeling 💙

Think of Blue like the connector between us and you, or you and others on Blue Fever. Unlike people, Blue can be a lot of places at once and do things like: see that a particular video just helped someone else glow and then immediately give it to you because you are both going through the same thing! 💫

Blue and your personal Blue Fever text thread are both pretty new and nowhere near *perfect*, so please be patient with them :) The more you text us about what you are going through, the more we will learn to better guide you to glow over time! And you’re helping others on Blue Fever just by texting in about your own daily emotions (how beautiful is that?)!

We are *always* trying to find ways for Blue Fever to become more empathetic and empowering for everyone! Thank you for being a part of that journey 🌟