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So you wanna be a BFF?

A Blue Fever Friend (a BFF) is a type of user on Blue Fever who wants to help other users :)


How does it work? 

When our super-friend Blue doesn’t understand how to help with a particular situation –that’s when a BFF swoops in to save the day with a short chat and personally recommended video!

Why Should I BFF?

Yes we have Blue - a super-friend who can answer 24/7 but we believe that real human connection is key to helping people... You get to interact with others on Blue Fever…. If you are looking to just chat then nope. Maybe add something that let’s them know this isn’t all sunshine and rainbows 24/7. You can get volunteer hours.

Where would I BFF?

Once you learn how to BFF, you’ll log into the “BFF Land” we created for you! 💙🔥