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Wanna be a BFF?

A Blue Fever Friend (a BFF) is a higher-level user on Blue Fever who wants to help other users :)


How does it work?

BFFs help by live-chatting with other Blue Fever users! BFFs listen, support and find the right video for them…

Most of the interaction on Blue Fever is between users and Blue, our digital personality and AI (created by a real group of girls). Blue listens, supports and tries to find the right video tip for that moment. Blue allows us to help millions of people at once, but *nothing* can replace human to human communication...

That’s where live BFFs come in! If you become a BFF, you will contribute to the magical connected feeling people get on Blue Fever: empathy and understanding 💙

BFFs swoop in and text with users to find them a video tip when Blue doesn’t know how to! BFFs’ interactions with users help teach Blue how to be more empathetic overtime.


Why Should I BFF?

Because our Blue Fever community (and the world in general) need more empathetic people to let others know they are not alone!

YOU have the power to positively impact others – right from your phone :)


Reasons to Become a BFF:

  • You are and try to be non-judgmental in your daily life

  • You love helping people

  • You love finding and recommending media to others like videos or music

  • Everyone needs a little support sometimes and you have the ability to give the gift of support to others

  • You want to help people Glow from the inside out on Blue Fever 🌟

    1. ✨Glow✨ = tfw you feel self confident, self love, self worth, you trust your own intuition, or you feel the most YOU

  • Our BFFs also report feeling more glow themselves! So you would be helping YOU too :)

  • You can get volunteer hours for volunteering your time

  • Whenever you help one person on Blue Fever, you are teaching Blue how to help the next person with that issue. That could be hundreds, and sometimes thousands MORE people— that’s truly INCREDIBLE!

  • **DO NOT BFF if you are looking to just chat with others**

Trigger Warning

A small percentage of our users have been sexually assaulted, are chronically depressed, suicidal or deal with other serious issues. You will never be expected to provide direct help to these people (we will help you match them with professionals who are trained to help!).

BUT if being exposed to crisis issues will be a trigger for you or harmful to your mental health in any way, BFFing may not be right for you at this point in time.

Where would I BFF?

Once you learn how to BFF, you’ll log into BWA– our BFF Web App we created for you! 💙🔥