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Blue Fever is a Techstars-backed company predicting what content you need to watch, listen to, or read –based on how you feel. We’re emotional media, not social media 💙🔥

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Lauren Tracy
Co-founder / Head of Product

  • Designed platforms and UX for young women for 10 years

  • Founded/designed distribution platform X-Factor Films (distributed to Fullscreen, Sundance Now and AMC)

  • Worked at Apple interfacing with customers about user experience

  • Led teams of 80+ people

  • “I LOVE making people feel more confident in themselves and I’m turning that into tech for young women.”


Greta McAnany
Co-founder / Head of Growth

  • Developed and launched cross platform distribution strategies for video and award-winning films on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon

  • Brokered partnerships with brands like: Google, YouTube and Bustle

  • Managed teams of 25+

  • Founded/ran distribution platform X-Factor Films (distributed to Fullscreen, Sundance Now and AMC).

  • “I’m a hyper connector who loves understanding and empowering people- my goal is to connect with millions of young women through Blue Fever.”


Jason Moore
VP of Technology 

  • Extensive background in algorithmic automation and machine learning

  • 17+ years launching and scaling projects at all levels of the cloud stack

  • Passionate about emotional indexing and artificial intelligence

  • 10+ years building/managing technology teams

  • “I’ve never met a server I didn't like.”